RDK-C provides a common set of software components to build IP-based video cameras with standard functions, such as live streaming and continuous recording. RDK accelerates the deployment of next-gen IP camera products and services, while simplifying the customization of the application and user experience.

RDK for Camera distinguishes itself

Provides the MVPD full transparency into the source code
Enables the MVPD to focus, innovate, and differentiate at the application and services layer.
Open source components and standards
Linux kernel and drivers, Busybox, OpenSSL, Gstreamer, UPnP libraries etc.
Open source
Licensed under Apache 2.0 license and is available free for licensees
Huge community user base
Used and supported by major MSOs , OEMs and SoC vendors
Vast device management capability
Supports features like SNMP, TR-069, WebPA, Feature Control ,Telemetry, Log upload etc.
Easy software deployments
Components can be added/removed easily to make different target builds .

RDK-C Features

  • Configuration management
  • Resolution
  • Bit rate
  • Recording settings
  • Wi-Fi
  • Live video
  • Thumbnail
  • 24/7 video recording
  • Firmware upgrade
  • RDK feature control
  • Log upload
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