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Created on November 04, 2020, Last modified on May 19, 2022

Open your terminal and type lng and take a look at the different commands.


  • lng create Create a new Lightning App
  • lng build Build a standalone Lightning App (to run in a web browser)
  • lng serve Start a local webserver and run a Lightning App in a web browser
  • lng watch Watch the for file changes and automatically rebuild the app
  • lng dev Build a standalone Lightning App, start a local webserver and watch for changes
  • lng docs Open the Lightning-SDK documentation
  • lng release Build a release package of a Lightning App
  • lng upload Upload release package to Metrological Back Office

Deploy to the Metrological Dashboard

Deploying to the Metrological appstore requires a few more steps before one can release their app, we ask you to upload apps only when are ready to be tested for release. A token as to be created on in order to run the release script. This token binds the appid to the user who requested the token. Due to this nobody else will be able to overwrite your app.

  1. Make an account
  2. Click on the user icon in the left menu
  3. Select API settings
  4. Select Generate API key
  5. Whitelist all the IP addresses you want to be able to upload from.

After preparing your token, navigate to your project folder with your terminal and run the upload command.


$ lng upload

You will be prompted for your key in order to upload it.

After your app has been uploaded please request "App validation" at By doing this our QA team will start validate your app, if the team spot any bugs they will come back to you in the request ticket, and will ask you to look into these bugs. After the app passes QA the app will be added to our catalog to present to the operators running Lightning.

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