RDK Video Application Platform (VAP) defines interfaces required to build native apps on RDK devices. Any third-party RDK native app should comply with the VAP architecture. The interfaces include,

  • ESSOS:

    Essos is a library making it simple to create applications that run either as native EGL or Wayland clients. It is a companion to Westeros. Westeros is a light-weight Wayland compositor library. 

  • Gstreamer:

    Applications play video using GStreamer. Video pipelines are created using playbin and rely on auto-plugging.

  • UVE:

    UVE provides JavaScript binding API’s to build HTML5/JavaScript applications using AAMP(Advanced Adaptive Media Player)  native player available on RDK devices. 

  • iCrypto:

    Universal cryptography abstraction layer

  • IOCDM:

    Enables DRM interoperability through Open Content Description Module.

  • RDK Services:

    RDK Services provides C++ client libraries to access device-specific information.

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