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Created on January 25, 2021, Last modified on June 07, 2021

Web Inspector is the primary web debugging tool for WebKit based browsers. It allows you to inspect, tweak, debug, and analyze your web page.

Launching Steps:

  • SSH to RPI
  • Run the following command on RPI,
    cat > /opt/rfc.properties << EOF ./etc/rfc.properties  export RFC_ENABLE_WEBKIT_INSPECTOR=true  EOF
  • Reboot RPI
  • Run the below commands to verify LISTEN and ACCEPT on port 9224 of RPI
    netstat -l -t -p -n | grep 9224
    ip6tables -vnL | grep 9224
    iptables -vnL | grep 9224
    netstat -l -t -p -n | grep 9224
  • Connect your laptop to the same network as RPI
  • Open web inspector page on laptop http://<RPI IP address>:9224

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