Web Inspector is the primary web debugging tool for WebKit based browsers. It allows you to inspect, tweak, debug, and analyze your web page.

Launching Steps:

  • SSH to RPI
  • Run the following command on RPI,
    cat > /opt/rfc.properties << EOF ./etc/rfc.properties  export RFC_ENABLE_WEBKIT_INSPECTOR=true  EOF
  • Reboot RPI
  • Run the below commands to verify LISTEN and ACCEPT on port 9224 of RPI
    netstat -l -t -p -n | grep 9224
    ip6tables -vnL | grep 9224
    iptables -vnL | grep 9224
    netstat -l -t -p -n | grep 9224
  • Connect your laptop to the same network as RPI
  • Open web inspector page on laptop http://<RPI IP address>:9224
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