AAMP (Advanced Adaptive Media Player) Engine provides JavaScript binding APIs to build HTML5/JavaScript applications using the AAMP native player that is available on RDK devices. The AAMP native video player is built on top of GStreamer and is optimized for performance, memory use, and code size. AAMP supports adaptive bitrate streaming and IP streaming (HTTP progressive, MP4, MP3, and Shoutcast).

Refer to AAMP Engine for the AAMP Engine JavaScript binding API reference.


  • HLS (Clear, Access, Vanilla AES-128)
  • DASH ( Clear, Playready/Widevine)
  • Inband Closed Captions
  • Audio Language Selection
  • Trickplay and Audio/Video Bitrate Selection

AAMP Reference Player Quick Start

The AAMP Repository includes a reference player that can be used to test and learn about AAMP. The reference player demonstrates the use of the AAMP Engine JavaScript binding APIs to interact with the AAMP native player. The bindings are made available in JavaScript with the help of an injected bundle once the DOM elements are loaded by Webkit. For convenience, a version of the reference player is already hosted at https://firebolt.app/aamp/. It shows the different adaptive streaming protocols and encryptions the player supports.

Note: The AAMP reference player is available for Comcast devices and is not fully tested on Raspberry Pi at this time.

Target Audience

This quick start is targeted at OTT app vendors and HTML5 developers who are interested in evaluating and adopting AAMP for their media player applications on RDK-platform based set-top boxes.


To complete this quick start, you must have the Firebolt image installed on your Raspberry Pi. See the Startup Guide for detailed instructions.

Install the AAMP Reference Player App

To install the AAMP reference player App:

  1. From your USB storage device, open /partnerapps/appmanagerregistry.conf.
  2. Add an entry for the AAMP reference player and use https://firebolt.app/aamp/ for the URI object as shown below:
        "displayName": "AAMP Reference Player",
        "uri": "https://firebolt.app/aamp",
        "applicationType": "WebbApp",
        "version": "1.0"
  3. Save and close the file.

Launch the AAMP Reference Player App

To launch the AAMP reference player app:

  1. Insert the USB device into your Raspberry Pi.
  2. Press Ctrl+E to refresh the app list.
  3. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the AAMP Reference Player app.
  4. Press Enter to launch the app. The AAMP reference player app is loaded onscreen.
  5. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the play button and press Enter to start the video.
  6. Additional videos are available from the video selections field.
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