Release Notes



Bug Fixes

  • Don’t ignore source files when publishing to npm [skip ci] (cb26ff2)
  • Build SDK before npm publish (#64) (f221fa3)
  • Lifecycle: lifecycle state api returns correct state in all circumstances (31e405c)


  • Added Device.version().firmware to surface the underlying hardware firmware version
  • Added Device.version().api to surface the latest Firebolt API supported by this device
  • Deprecated Device.version().os which does not have a formal specification. Use firmware instead.


  • Tune Intents are now supported in navigateTo events
  • Added TypeScript declarations for Settings and Events
  • Fixed/Removed test-enabling code from SDK
  • Fixed bug where the SDK would initialize itself even when not being used


  • Removed all bigint types from TypeScript declarations, in favor of number, since bigint is not widely supported across browsers. This changes impacts:
    • Device.screenResolution
    • Device.videoResolution
    • Discovery.purchasedContent
    • Metrics.mediaProgress
    • Metrics.mediaSeeking
    • Metrics.mediaSeeked
    • Parameters.initialization

To upgrade to 0.7.0 simply change the type of any Firebolt Promise resolutions from bigint to number, e.g.:

const res:[bigint, bigint] = await Device.screenResolution()

Should become:

const res:[number, number] = await Device.screenResolution()



  • Changed Firebolt build to use .mjs extension
  • Firebolt builds are now pure ES6 modules, not bundled with Webpack
  • Added types path to package.json
  • Fixed TypeScript declarations for FlatMap and BooleanMap
  • Added TypeScript return type declarations for listen and once (all modules)
  • Added TypeScript declaration for clear method (all modules)
  • Changed {} return type to void for listener callbacks


  • Added support for rdkcentral/mock-firebolt via a WebSocket transport layer
  • Deprecated Accessibility.closedCaptions and voiceGuidance, created properties for Accessibility.closedCaptionsSettings and voiceGuidanceSettings, which support subscribers
  • Deprecated Device.listen(‘deviceNameChanged’), added support for subscribing to
  • Added support for subscribing to property changes:, hdcp, hdr, name, network, screenResolution, videoResolution, Advertising.policy, Discovery.policy, Localization.language
  • Added proper TypeScript declarations for Discovery.entityInfo and Discovery.purchasedContent
  • Fixed race condition w/ Transport Layer initialization


  • Added Parameters modules
  • Fixed typo in Advertising.config example result for docs/Mock
  • Updated Metrics.error signature to include type as first parameter
  • Created window.__firebolt.testHarness handshake (for Mock TL only)
  • Added LocalizedString type for localized string dictionaries
  • Updated Discovery.watchNext to use LocalizedString for title and each property of images
  • Added OfferingType and ProgramType parameters to Discovery.purchasedContent


  • Cleaned up errors in various Mock responses
  • Methods that call private Metrics APIs, e.g. Lifecycle.ready, now do so after promise resolution


  • Updated TS declarations (.d.ts) to detect which event is being passed to .listen() methods
  • Updated all listen() and once() methods to return a Promise
  • Renamed verifyContentRating and verifyPurchase to approveContentRating and approvePurchase respectively
  • Added Profile.flags() for distributor-specific profile flags
  • Added optional source field to all LifecycleEvents
  • Complete rewrite of Metrics APIs (see docs)
  • Added policyChanged events to Discovery and Advertising
  • Fixed duplicate RPC listen calls when listening to an event in slightly different ways, e.g. once() vs listen()
  • Added Account, Authentication, Keyboard, Profile, SecondScreen modules
  • Added Federated Search APIs to Discovery
  • Added TypeScript/Intellisense declarations file
  • Fixed spelling error on Accessibility module name
  • Moved the coppa parameter for Advertising.confg() into the options object, and made it optional
  • Final version of Advertising.policy().skipRestriction semantics
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