Reach customers from around the Globe with our technology

Now you can reach millions of potential customers using our platform and global reach. With Firebolt™, your app is powered by RDK technology and the backing of our partners including Comcast, LGI, and Sky.

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Firebolt™ offers different application types to meet your business solutions

Firebolt™ delivers application solutions to fit your unique business needs. Whether it’s a web or Lightning App, native or hybrid, your team is empowered to create one-of-a-kind user experiences for any RDK-enabled device.

Build apps in a fraction of the time and cost using Firebolt™’s powerful and easy to use platform

  • Supports rich media elements
  • Modern WebKit browser engine with full feature set
  • Cross-platform scalable apps
  • Optimized for resource constrained embedded devices
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