RDK Firebolt Platform


Firebolt is an application development platform for RDK Video devices. It gives application developers a standard approach for developing and testing applications. Applications that are developed using the Firebolt platform can be deployed to all devices that support the RDK stack.

Firebolt Environments

Firebolt platform contains two elements: a runtime environment and a development environment. Instead of running applications on a simulator, RDK applications are deployed on a reference platform where they are debugged and fine-tuned before deploying on the actual device.

The development environment consists of a set of application development tools, including:
  • Cross compiler
  • Opensource libraries and headers
  • RDK libraries and headers
The runtime environment consists of:
  • The RDK stack deployed on a reference platform like a Raspberry PI device
  • An application manager that manages application lifecycle

Types of Applications

Application developers can generate three different types of applications:

Lightning apps are the preferred mode of application development as it can make use of a diverse API tailored for set-top devices. Native application development can be tricky and is not recommended in most cases. Most existing HTML5 apps can run on the embedded browser available in the RDK.

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