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26 Mar, 2020
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    • Z-Z-Inactive-User

      Welcome to the TR-069 forum.  This forum is provided as a service to the RDK Community to help you exchange tips, information and techniques. 


    • Z-Donald Wilde

      It seems someone has locked the submission of new topics under TR-069. I’m logged in, I’m an ASP, but all I can do is comment.

      My question is what are the range limits of , and & as defined in RDK-B? BroadbandForum doesn’t say, and the C specification is unclear.

      Can I assume that an int runs 2^31 <= x <= 2^31, and unsigned int is 0 <= x <= (2^32 -1) and an unsigned long is 0 <= x <= (2^64 - 1), or do you leave it up to the C compiler switches or linux limits.h?

    • Ganesh Sahu

      Hi Donald,

      After opening TR-069 main page, you can click on the “+ New Topic” button to create a new forum topic. If that is disabled for you then please create an JIRA issue for required permission.

      • Z-Donald Wilde

        Yes, it produces a new page but I cannot edit it. Ticket coming.


    • Z-Z-Inactive-User
Viewing 3 reply threads
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