Operational Tools manages various kinds of devices. They are Indispensable requirement to support large scale deployments

Operational Tools Features

Operational Tools helps in-
  1. Controlled bulk operations/data retrievals
  2. Firmware(code) download
  3. Dynamically enable/disable features
  4. Retrieving field matrices
Operational Tools of RDK
Xconf – Management services that delivers certain configuration details to STB. Xconf-OSS is an open source, web/API call based device configuration application
WebPa – Secure web protocol messaging system for bi-directional communication between cloud server and RDK devices, Built specifically with security and performance as priorities.
Management platform for set top box
allows engineers and administrators to manage many settings on STBs centrally
Xconf OSS design
Xconf OSS has design impact on its cloud components and STB
Quick precision-poll for the most useful data
Because it is lightweight and the load can be redistributed into all the apps need to access the data
Lightweight connectivity socket
like a websocket, WebPA has lower-level protocol connectivity between devices and the cloud
“Always on” connection
asynchronous notifications for a change in device data where the application “listens” for web hook events

Tools structure

  1. Device Management feature is horizontally scaled between different RDK profiles (like RDK-V, RDK-b and RDK-c) as shown in the below diagram.
  2. This means that the same code can be shared between different RDK profiles.
  3. XCONF server consists of two web applications: the Data Service part and Angular-admin(UI). STBs query the XCONF Data Service to get their configuration details. Angular-admin(UI) allows administrators to create targeting rules and enter all the configuration details for the rules
  4. WebPA 2.0 commonly known as Xmidt (pronounced ‘transmit’) is a combination of server cluster and client that provide a highly available data path to devices deployed all over the world
RDK Profiles
AV Capture
Video Analytics
Video Capture
Audio Streaming
RDK Device
Log upload
Feature control
Video Analytics
RDK Linux
Linux kernel
Open embedded packages
Yocto packaging/Build
Dev/Debug tools
Drivers (Wifi, MoCA,
Bluetooth etc)

Production support
CI/CD infrastructure
Dev/Test Infrastructure
Test Automation
Release Management Tools

Fig:Stack Diagram of Device Management

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