Modify and Build Components

Created on September 13, 2017

This section describes how to make changes and build any particular component in RDK stack. 

List Yocto Components

To list the Yocto components, use:

bitbake-layers show-recipes
bitbake -s

Apply Patch and Build Component

1) Add the below line to the recipe of the component you need to modify.

        SRC_URI += “file://<name>.patch”                              

        eg:  SRC_URI += “file://temp.patch” in  meta-rdk-video/recipes-extended/devicesettings/          


2) Create a folder named “files” in the same folder of recipe. 

eg: In meta-rdk-video/recipes-extended/devicesettings/

3) Create a blank file with the same name given in the recipe.

         touch files/<name>.patch 

         eg: touch files/temp.patch  


4) bitbake <recipe> -c devshell

         eg: bitbake devicesettings -c devshell 

5) Do “quilt top” and verify if the patch file is reflected there. 


        # quilt top


6) quilt add “filename which you need to modify” (If multiple files are there, then add all those)

        eg: quilt add


7) Make necessary modifications required for these files.

8) quilt refresh

9) Verify if your modifications are reflected in the patch file.

         vi patches/<name>.patch

10) Now replace this patch file with original one in files folder.

         eg: cp patches/temp.patch ~/…/meta-rdk-video/recipes-extended/devicesettings/files/temp.patch

11) exit

12) Do a clean and then build.

bitbake -ccleanall devicesettings 

bitbake devicesettings 

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