Created on April 5, 2018

The RDK emulator is an x86 based implementation of the RDK software stack. It is primarily targeted towards the RDK development community (integrators, component developers and application developers) that attempts to simplify the process of working with the RDK software stack without the need for a reference hardware platform. As RDK emulator runs on desktop computers, applications can be tested and debugged before trying to deploy them to real devices.

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  1. Z-Thiago Navarro says:

    Hi, I was following the instructions in Emulator for Developers for RDK-B. When I tried to build the ccsp-cr (slide 37 – Use Case: Building a CCSP Component), I faced this problem -> https://pasteboard.co/JGgagbd.png. It seems it is missing a library or the library is with an different version. Am I missing anything? Thank you in advance.

  2. Z-Romas Kriauciukas says:

    Is there a ready to download prebuilt image for Virtualbox or the likes?  Cannot seem to find it here on Wiki.

  3. Ganesh Sahu says:

    Z-Romas Kriauciukas , Downloadable images are available in https://rdkcentral.com/download-instructions/ but emulator images are no longer maintained.

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