Media Gateway Hybrid (RaspberryPi)

Created on April 16, 2018

The Raspberry Pi Hybrid (Gateway) code is available to MSOs, app developers, and system integrators without any additional licenses beyond the standard RDK license. This code can be built to run on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B and is useful for creating, implementing, and testing apps on the RDK stack. Multiple versions of the stack/apps can be tested on the same Raspberry Pi by using several SD cards and swapping them out. 

The code bundle contains a developer kit (Generic RDK code, SoC patches and SDK) so that the user can develop their own RDK component or modify the existing generic RDK components. The binaries are available below and the code can also be pulled from CMF and built via Yocto. Raspberry Pi Gateway (Hybrid) device can stream media contents for linear channel playback. Raspberry Pi Media Client device or any IP based Media player can request for linear channel playback to Raspberry Pi Gateway Device. Raspberry Pi Gateway environment does not include RDK Browser or QT and instead uses the Metrological WPE browser.

7 responses to “Media Gateway Hybrid (RaspberryPi)”

  1. Ravindra Gawade says:


    Document talks about flashing process using Linux, Mac and Windows. But for Windows there is no URL that is provided.

    Can you please check.

  2. Z-Jesus Gomez Rio says:

    I am trying to download RDK-V image for Rapsberry Pi, but it is reporting than I am not a Licensee.

    As far as I have been licensed some weeks ago, do you have any hint about this issue?

  3. Z-Jesus Gomez Rio says:

    Thanks @Yogomaya Maharana

  4. Z-Ashutosh Joglekar says:

    Is there a build that supports Raspberry Pi 4 model B ?

  5. Z-Sri Swati Varahagiri says:

    Hi Z-Ashutosh Joglekar ,  currently we don’t have build for Rpi 4, down the lane around Q3, will plan for build support.

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