RDK Services on Raspberrypi

Created on September 28, 2020


RDK Services are nothing but the RDK components are implemented as Thunder Nano Services and maintained in RDK Central’s GitHub https://github.com/rdkcentral/rdkservices

Initially, this is started in the Comcast side and validated on the RPi reference platform and the Yocto recipe is maintained only in meta-rdk-video layer.  Recently RDK services are made open-source and available in GitHub so, the recipe to avail this on CMF community (meta-cmf-video layer) as rdkservices_git.bbappend which points to GitHub’s repository.

Currently, RDK services are excluded from Thunder Image builds and this depends with ServiceManager and WPE WebKit for (OpenCDM Implementation)

RDK UI Services works on top of RDK Shell which is an application management native component that provides the Wayland Composition. RDK Shell will be a small shared library that provides this feature. A sample binary is available to validate and also integrated as an RDK Service.

Architecture Wiki Page: RDKShell 

For the Integration of RDK Services on Generic RDK image, below are the important components 

  • RDK Shell
  • WPE’s Thunder Framework
  • RDK Services (Thunder Nano services developed by Comcast)
  • WPE Framework’s UI (for Controller UI)
  • WebKit Browser Plugin (A Thunder Nano service for WPE WebKit Browser)
  • RDK Reference App

RDK Images

Follow below link for build instructions

Other pages

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Jira Number


Assigned toPriorityComments


balaji vivek MajorIssue is fixed. Changes to be merged. Target Date – 02/18
REFPLTV-791RDKService:AV decoding is not smooth in CNN application.balaji vivek MajorIn progress. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-785RDKService: Bluetooth connection is not working.balaji vivekMajorIn progress. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-793RDKService:Youtube is not launching after enabled cobalt plugin.Moorthy BaskarMajorIn progress – Finding RCA. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-789RDKService: Metro apps icons are not loading without ethernet connection.Mohammad Naseem SheikhMajorIssue is reproducible only in Hybrid image, need to do RCA
REFPLTV-788RDKService:All the resident applicaiton’s are taking more time to load the content.Sri Swati VarahagiriMajor

Issue is reproducible only in dunfell Image not in Morty, need to do RCA

REFPLTV-787RDKservice:Premium content 1 (Test youtube) application is not launching.Moorthy BaskarMajorIn progress – Finding RCA. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-739RDK service:After bootup, IP address is not displayed.kathiravanMajorcurrently application start from accelerator-home-ui so this page is not available.need to close  
REFPLTV-720Package file for firmware upgrade plugin is not available in rdk service buildGopinath ChandranMajorIssue is fixed. Changes to be merged. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-717RDKService: Getting LOST and AQUIRED events for eth0 interface while connecting to WiFiGopinath ChandranMajorWaiting for validation on the latest build. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-700RDKService: Eth0 ip getting changed while connecting to wifi ssidsravani dandiboinaMajorIssue is observed only in Media Client Image, need to do RCA. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-627RDKService: Few DisplaySettings APIs are not giving the result properlySri Swati VarahagiriMajorIssue is observed only in Media Client Image, to be addressed. Target Date – 02/25
REFPLTV-613RDKService: RPI terminal is popping on switching between applications in UI.Gopinath ChandranMajorResolved. Waiting validation. Target Date – 02/25
REFPLTV-727RDKService: WebProcess crash observed during Cobalt Plugin Suspend and Resume Stress testGopinath ChandranMajorIn progress. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-705RDKService: Channel change is not happening after certain iterationsGopinath ChandranMajorIn progress. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-615RDKService: Channel Change Stress test is stuck in less than 200 repeatsGopinath ChandranMajorIn progress. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-614RDKService: RPI is not accessible after multiple rebootsGopinath ChandranMajorIssue observed only in MC image after 821 reboots
REFPLTV-790RDKservice:TV show contents are not playing.Moorthy BaskarMajorIn progress. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-701RDKService: org.rdk.Wifi.1.connect is giving true for invalid ssid and passphraseJosekutty KuriakoseMajorIn progress – Finding RCA. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-747RDKService: TraceControl.1.status API is not listing trace status information for some of the modulesS Vithiya LakshmiMajorIssue is Fixed. Waiting Validation. Target Date – 02/20
REFPLTV-628RDKService: org.rdk.DisplaySettings.1.setGain is giving false successsimiMajorIssue is Fixed. Waiting Validation. Target Date – 02/22
REFPLTV-695RDKService: org.rdk.ScreenCapture.1.uploadScreenCapture is not working in RPISri Swati VarahagiriMajorFeature not supported on R-Pi
REFPLTV-682RDKService: org.rdk.ScreenCapture.1.uploadScreenCapture is giving true for invalid url in RPISri Swati VarahagiriMajorFeature not supported on R-Pi
REFPLTV-786RDKService: Unable to verify the wifi connection behavior.Josekutty KuriakoseMajorIssue is fixed. Changes to be merged. Target Date – 02/26
REFPLTV-756RDK services: Disconnect functionally is not happening on BT serviceJosekutty KuriakoseMajor
REFPLTV-621RDK services: disconnect is functionally not happening on wifi serviceJosekutty KuriakoseMajor

Open Issues in JIRA

Key Summary T Created Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Due

 Build error fixes
S. No.Issue Description / logRoot CauseAction done / Changes atRemarks
1ERROR: Layer ‘cmf-raspberrypi’ depends on layer ‘wpe-layer’, but this layer is not enabled in your configurationmeta-cmf-raspberrypi’s layer has wpe layer dependency

Removed wpe dependency from meta-cmf-raspberrypi/conf/layer.conf

Change-set: 43688

addressed from REFPLTV-521
2ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES ‘gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly’ (but meta-rdk/recipes-core/packagegroups/packagegroup-rdk-media-common.bb RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)
ERROR: gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly was skipped: because it has a restricted license not whitelisted in LICENSE_FLAGS_WHITELIST
RDK Media common package group has GStreamer ugly plugins run-time dependency

commercial Whitelist flag added for Gstreamer ugly plugin and mpg123.

Also lame is not required for RDK build as it has a restricted license.

Change-set: 43513

addresed from 

3ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES ‘gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly-mpg123’ (but meta-rdk-ext/recipes-extended/wpe-webkit/wpe-webkit_0.4.4.bb RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)wpe-webkit has Gstreamer ugly plugins run-time dependency
4| build-raspberrypi-rdk-mc/tmp/work/cortexa7t2hf-neon-vfpv4-rdk-linux-gnueabi/wpe-webkit/0.4.4+gitAUTOINC+5f899bc2e0-r0/git/Source/WebCore/platform/graphics/cairo/CairoUtilities.cpp:46:22: fatal error: cairo-gl.h: No such file or directory
| #include <cairo-gl.h>
| ^
| compilation terminated.
cairo bbappend from meta-rdk-ext is masked from meta-cmf-raspberrypi as meta-wpe has the same bbappend

meta-wpe ‘s cairo bbappend is masked for Non-Thunder images and meta-rdk-ext ‘s cairo bbappend is masked for Thunder images

Change-set: 43722

addressed from
  • Not able to get the ssh terminal once the image is booted
  • No way to edit RDK Services configuration file as the rootfs generated with read-only mode
bbappend files for RDK Images which are maintained in meta-cmf-raspberrypi layer are disabled the read-only-rootfs IMAGE Feature only under that bbappend scope so, if any new image bbappend introduced, the image generated with this feature.removed read-only-rootfs feature globally for all RPI images
Change-set: 43245
addressed from 

No controller UI on web browser launched though the port 9998 enabled (confirmed through netstat command)

The binding address is not set for WPE Framework


Change-set : 43520

addressed from 
7RDK Shell distro feature to be enabledRDK Shell distro feature includes RDKshell, wpeframework-ui and RDK reference app components into image

Enabled in raspberrypi-rdk-mc.conf file

Change-set: 43690

addressed from
8new manifest to avoid meta-wpemeta-wpe layer is no more needed for RDK servicesa new manifest created on master branch of

addressed from REFPLTV-516

9remove meta-wpe layer dependency in meta-cmf-raspberrypi layer

addressed from REFPLTV-521

 JIRA for build and runtime issues

Key Summary T Created Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution Resolved

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