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Created on January 7, 2021

Jira Tickets and its status:


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Request to change the key for getting UI switch screenNew

Sending letter “m” to Cobalt launches Main UI instead of printing “m”Newsrinuvasarao jagarlamudi 

RDKCOM-1865Launch Diagnostics screen with RCUOpenWill start after 2 weeksImprovement requested by The team.yet to start by srini team
RDKCOM-1859UI is loading without backgroundOpenZ-Josekutty Kuriakose

Jose team will be updating this by this week.Waiting for RM ,RDKCOM-1885

Validated in latest build and re-assigned to srinu

RDKCOM-1857Time update is not correct in UIOpen

code merged :

*Srini to check this/Same issue in skyworth too


Exit button inside the Xumo App is not workingToDosrinuvasarao jagarlamudi
srini will be taken care 


RDKServices:Unable to connect to Wifi Network through UINew

Ajith s to update the ticket/Waiting for PNI 2.0 changes

HP40A-758Controller UI causes file descriptor leakOpensrinuvasarao jagarlamudi
added https://ccp.sys.comcast.net/browse/RDKCOM-1899.changes are yet to merged


Wi-Fi option is not enabling in settings menu.NewDeepak Ponnath

Gopi to test with latest build.datamodel changeid RDKCOM-1885 merged

tr-181datamodel.xml file need to be updated in rpi. try with below xml and update


gopi will try this

PNI 2.0 code changes required. waiting for code changes



After connecting to a Wifi network, Other networks disappear

New srinuvasarao jagarlamudi
Happens intermittently.


Radioline Metro App: Bloomberg radio could not be loaded

Deepak will update on this
RDK Services: Crash occurred while loading Preset URLs in Lightning app, Search and Discovery and Resident appNewJian Wang 
Issue observed in 20.2 SDK. Assigned to broadcom
RDKServices: Monitor plugin Controller UI issueNew

srini and team will update 

RDKCOM-1927TV show contents are not playing properly.Open
simi is looking into it
RDKCOM-1926Comcast UI: Wifi Password screen closes before entering the passwordNew
PNI 2.0 required. once merged this will be resolved
VIP7802-167Flickering screen on Bluetooth disconnect/connectNew
Yet to start from UI team
VIP7802-290Controller UI is not giving output for Ping an EndpointNew
Issue has been fixed and validated, raised pull request: https://github.com/rdkcentral/rdkservices/pull/988


Device IP address is not displayed in HOME UI.Open
code changes raised for review by kanthirva/naseem


RDKService: Resident app UI is not launching after Setting power state to ON from STANDBYNewZ-Mohammad Naseem Shekh 


RDKService: Device screen is going to boot screen during set and get screenResolution using RDKShellNew


UI support for BT voiceNew
Yet to start from UI team

VIP7802-286 /


Xcast support for Firebolt UI New
Planned for this sprint


Could not play the contents of Baeble Music Metro App

Yet to start


Weather Network displays wrong time informationOpen 
Yet to start from UI team
RDKCOM-1948Wifi screen and Bluetooth screen shows wrong messagesOpen

Kathiravan is analyzing the issue

This issue is not reproducible.
this scenario tested along with RDKCOM-1843 fixes on “Linux raspberrypi-rdk-hybrid 5.4.72-v7 #1 SMP Thu Feb 4 07:09:51 UTC 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux”

RDKCOM-1945Without ethernet connection, resident application is not launching in KAON.Open 

Retry with latest build


Provide an option in controller UI to set resolution and zoom settings New

VIP7802-312RDK-Services : Radio button in Wi-FI TV Ui is not togglingNew

This issue is not reproducible with below version.

Linux raspberrypi-rdk-hybrid 5.4.72-v7 #1 SMP Mon Mar 8 12:21:50 UTC 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux

VIP7802-313Resident App URL is not automatically set if we reactivate the pluginNew


Black screen when pressing exit button inside Radioline Metro AppNew

RDKCOM-1972After performing one click on Suspend/Resume button, further clicks won’t work from Controller UI unless we refresh the pageNew
raise pull request: https://github.com/rdkcentral/ThunderUI/pull/43


RDKServices:Screen capture didn’t work from Controller UINew


RDK Services: Couldn’t enable Wifi from TV UI.New

RDKCOM-1991RDKService: Metro apps icons are not loading without ethernet connectionOpenZ-Mohammad Naseem Shekh 

code merged: https://code.rdkcentral.com/r/c/components/opensource/RDK_apps/+/54528


Support to add “Virtual keyboard” in Controller UiNew

VIP7802-265Getting issue details… STATUS

RDKService: Request to change the key for getting UI switch screen


VIP7802-292Getting issue details… STATUS

RDKService: Sending letter “m” to Cobalt launches Main UI instead of printing “m”


HP40A-957RDK Services: Some plugins are not listed on left side of controller UINew

HP40A-900RDKServices:For successful Bluetooth connection, ‘CONNECTION FAILED message is shown in UI’New

HP40A-977RDK Services: For some values of resolution, the screen goes blackNew

Severity is high as with some of the configurations device is not able to revert back to normal operating mode.
HP40A-953/REFPLTV-878RDK Services: Unable to Suspend/Destroy the client through RDKShell in Controller UINewZ-Mohammad Naseem Shekh 

HP40A-970/REFPLTV-879RDK Services: TV UI didn’t reflect the Wifi interface StatusNewZ-Mohammad Naseem Shekh 

HP40A-972RDK Services: Controller UI access shows different behavior in two types of Wifi interface enablingNew

HP40A-956RDK Services: Audio available for few seconds even after exiting from Radioline AppNew

HP40A-954RDK Services: Security Agent plugin is not available in Controller UI’s left panelNew


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