RDK Services on x86 PC based Emulator

Created on November 30, 2020

Build Instructions

Host Setup for Morty Build

How to Build#SettinguptheHostEnvironment

Build Workspace Setup

build setup
repo init -u https://code.rdkcentral.com/r/manifests -b rdk-next -m rdkv-nosrc.xml
repo sync -j `nproc` --no-clone-bundle --no-tags

apply bug fixes  Expand source
# enabling RDK services for emulator
(cd meta-rdk-bsp-emulator; git fetch "https://code.rdkcentral.com/r/components/asp/rdk-oe/meta-rdk-bsp-emulator" refs/changes/62/47062/8 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD)

Note: The above bug fixes changes are temporary given as instructions. This is not required once the change is get merged into the appropriate repo

Image build

    image build
    MACHINE=qemux86mc-morty source meta-cmf-bsp-emulator/setup-environment
    bitbake rdk-generic-mediaclient-wpe-image
    image build
    MACHINE=qemux86hyb-morty source meta-cmf-bsp-emulator/setup-environment
    bitbake rdk-generic-hybrid-wpe-image

    JIRA Issues

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    Unknown User (yun5)


    when i do repo init -u https://code.rdkcentral.com/r/manifests -b rdk-next -m rdkv-nosrc.xml ,output information:

                         fatal: remote error: access at least one ref not permitted 

     so , What should I do next,username:yun5  


    Z-Ashutosh Joglekar


    when I try to perform repo sync for the first time to checkout the code I get "[Errno 13] Permission denied" 

    Any idea why that might be? username: ashfreesat



    Z-Ashutosh Joglekar

    hi Z-Moorthy Baskar  / Yogomaya Maharana  I have the credentials entered into .netrc file and repo init works fine. but I get below errors when I try to sync the repo ashutosh@LAPTOP-UAHNSI5R:~/freesat/rdk$ repo sync -j`nproc` –no-clone-bundle -j1 –fail-fast … A new version of repo (2.12) is available.… You should upgrade soon:    cp /mnt/d/freesat/rdk/.repo/repo/repo /home/ashutosh/bin/repo error: Cannot fetch docs (Error: [(‘/mnt/d/freesat/rdk/.repo/project-objects/docs.git/branches’, ‘/mnt/d/freesat/rdk/.repo/projects/docs.git/branches’, “[Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/mnt/d/freesat/rdk/.repo/projects/docs.git/branches'”)])Traceback (most recent call last):  File “/mnt/d/freesat/rdk/.repo/repo/main.py”, line 629, in <module>    _Main(sys.argv[1:])  File “/mnt/d/freesat/rdk/.repo/repo/main.py”, line 603, in _Main    result = run()  File “/mnt/d/freesat/rdk/.repo/repo/main.py”, line 596, in <lambda>    run = lambda: repo._Run(name,… Read more »

    Z-Michel LE HENAFF

    Hello, I followed the "How to Build#SettinguptheHostEnvironment" part : installing Ubuntu 16.04 and all  other steps.But the repo init to get emulator is failing, due to python 3.5 version in Ubuntu 16.04 it seems. With recomnended repo tool, error isrepo init -u https://code.rdkcentral.com/r/manifests -b rdk-next -m rdkv-nosrc.xmlDownloading Repo source from https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-reporemote: Finding sources: 100% (5/5)remote: Total 5 (delta 0), reused 5 (delta 0)repo: warning: your Python 3 version is no longer supported; Please upgrade to Python 3.6+.Traceback (most recent call last):  File "/home/sdtv/Projets/rdk_emulator/.repo/repo/main.py", line 630, in <module>    _Main(sys.argv[1:])  File "/home/sdtv/Projets/rdk_emulator/.repo/repo/main.py", line 604, in _Main    result = run()  File… Read more »

    Z-Michel LE HENAFF

    Hi Deepthi,

    Thanks for help, but repo init error is now

    Get https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo/clone.bundle
    Get https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo
    remote: Finding sources: 100% (33/33)
    remote: Total 33 (delta 15), reused 33 (delta 15)
    Unpacking objects: 100% (33/33), 18.00 KiB | 526.00 KiB/s, done.
    From https://gerrit.googlesource.com/git-repo
       ddab060..6a2f4fb  main       -> origin/main
       d34af28..ddab060  stable     -> origin/stable
     * [new tag]         v2.13.8    -> v2.13.8

    fatal: branch ‘v2.9’ has not been signed

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