Media Gateway Hybrid (Raspberry Pi) Build Instructions – Morty

Created on April 16, 2018

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Build Instruction

Follow the below link for RDK Media Gateway (Hybrid) image using Yocto build framework for RaspberryPi platform

RDK-V (Raspberry Pi) Yocto Build Instructions – Morty

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Hi Z-Immaneni Kanthikiran , Gayathri , I have been following your guideline  as below: $ repo init -u -m rdkv-raspberrypi.xml -b morty$ repo sync -j4 --no-clone-bundle # Wait for the repo has been syned. During the source pull, I have seen some errors – and I thought it was some connection errors, so I tried the repo sync command several times. $ source meta-cmf-raspberrypi/setup-environment        → Select the raspberrypi-rdk-mc-westeros.conf option. build-raspberrypi-rdk-mc-westeros$ bitbake rdk-generic-mediaclient-westeros-wpe-image The build could run a litte bit, but I always get below errors: /usr/include/bits/floatn.h:75:1: error: unknown machine mode '__TC__'| /usr/include/bits/floatn.h:87:9: error: unknown type name '__float128' I have… Read more »

Akshay Kumar Coimbatore Balaji

Hello TUNG LAM, DINH , did you manage to identify the root cause of the problem and resolve it?

Z-George Joseph

Akshay Kumar Coimbatore Balaji Try using a docker container to do a build. I did face the issue mentioned by TUNG LAM, DINH. Somehow the build system native headers seem to get picked up in the build when done on an Ubuntu machine. 

Mude Krishna Naick

Hi Akshay Kumar Coimbatore Balaji and Z-George Joseph

I’m also facing same issue mentioned by TUNG LAM, DINH  and please suggest me  the procedure to solve the issue.

I’m not aware docker container build procedure to solve this issue and please suggest me the procedure.

Many thanks for considering my request.

Thanks & Regards,


Akshay Kumar Coimbatore Balaji

Mude Krishna Naick , if you are not using docker, please execute the following commands:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt install gcc-multilib g++-multilib

This might resolve your problem.


Akshay Kumar Coimbatore Balaji I have tried installing those packages and the error persists . Doing it on docker isnt an option for what we are trying to do. Any other suggestions ? TUNG LAM, DINH 

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