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Created on April 14, 2023


RDK4 is the latest version of the RDK-V software stack, designed to simplify app development and integration on any set-top device while allowing companies to maintain complete control of their apps, device data, and customer experience.

RDK4 is designed for use with Lightning™, a JavaScript-based app development language, but also supports HTML5 web apps and native streaming video apps integrated through Firebolt®.

RDK4 Includes

RDK-V Features

A detailed list of features supported by RDK-V is available at RDK-V Features .


For RDK-V architecture details and structuring of RDK-V Components follow Architecture .


For detailed documentation of RDK-V components, follow Components and for detailed documentation of RDK-V subsystems, follow Subsystems .


For details on Yocto build systems and RDK Yocto builds, follow Yocto build systems .

Try out RDK

To know how to begin with trying out RDK, please follow Try out RDK .


For details of RDK Video HAL list, please follow HAL .

Resident App

For details of RDK Resident App – the first app to be launched by RDK stack – follow Resident App .

Factory Test App

For details of Factory App – the app used in production line for validations- follow Factory Test App .



For an overview of the RDK-V IP STB device profile , follow IP.

RDK-V Hybrid:

For an overview of the RDK-V Hybrid STB device profile , follow Hybrid .


For an overview of the RDK-V TV device profile , follow TV .

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